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Hair Fall Management Questions Answers

I am an individual with excellent general health and seasonal hairfall is normal so when do I need to visit a dermatologist for my hairfall?

If you are residing in a densely populated and polutted city like me, then you need to know that pollution induces oxidative stress which may indirectly affect the hair growth pattern.

I have been taking over the counter biotin supplements for my hairfall. Isnt that enough?

There are several macro and micronutrients , vitamins, minerals and aminoacids like iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin H, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, vitamin E, vitamin C, copper, selinium, arginine, glutathione, cystine and methionine that are important for hair. Therefore taking biotin alone may not be sufficient.

So you mean that treatment for hairfall varies from person to person?

Yes. Hairfall management will be different for each patient depending upon- pattern of hair thinning, gender of patient, age of patient ( perimenopausal women), eating habits ( vegetarians), associated hair problems ( premature greying of hair, dandruff, seborrhoea, psoriasis, itchy scalp, burning sensation or redness in scalp), associated hormonal changes ( thyroid, polycystic ovaries), genetic or aut immune hair problems.

What are the common ,avoidable causes of hairfall?

Unhealthy diet, smoking, any physical or emotional stress, post pregnancy, recent history of illness or surgery, history of being on medicines that may have hairfall as there side effect, cosmetic procedures like hair straightening, smoothening and coloring.

I have used minoxidil and dont want to try it again. Is there any other treatment for me?

There are various advanced, non minoxidil hair growth serums like biomimetic peptides that arrest hairfall and promote hair growth. These can be used alone or as adjuvants to other therapies like mesotherapy and PRP for best results. Mesotherapy is a popular french technique of delivery of different vitamins, nutrients, growth factors and medicines in various combinations in different layers of the skin to get optimum results. We At Skinology use FDA approved scientifically proven European hair boosters, stem cells and growth factors to prevent hair fall, stimulate hair growth and nourishes and strengthens hair. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a technique in which Patients blood is drawn like for a routine blood test , it is processed and platelet rich component of the blood is injected in the area of concern . These platelet rich part of blood is rich in various growth factors which promote hair growth.

Do medicated hair care products have an advantage over regular over the counter hairfall shampoos, conditioners and serums?

Medicated hair care products are research based products designed to address specific needs of patient through ingredients that increase scalp blood flow, improve scalp oxygenation, promote anagen phase of hair, have anti inflammatory and antifungal properties and inhibit enzyme that causes male pattern hair loss.

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