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Wrinkle reducing injections Questions Answers

More and more people are turning to cosmetic doctors for rejuvenation techniques, to help their face reflect the way they feel inside. One such rejuvenation technique is a Wrinkle reducing injections treatment. It can be used to relax specific facial muscles that cause facial wrinkles.

The following information explains how Wrinkle reducing injections treatment works and what is involved in the treatment.

How and why do wrinkles form?

Many facial wrinkles form when we use our muscles to make facial expressions. The wrinkles formed during these expression are called dynamic wrinkles becomes prominent and when we frown the vertical lines between our eyebrows become noticeable.
When we are young, our skin springs back to its initial position after a facial expression. But as we get older, dynamic wrinkles remain on the skin to form static wrinkles: they are the wrinkles and folds that are present when the skin is at rest. This process occurs because natural substance such as collagen (the major natural protein in skin), elastin (the protein that causes tissue to stretch ) and Hyaluronic acid ( which gives skin volume) decrease with age. This together with environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress all continue to the creation of wrinkles and folds.

What is Wrinkle reducing injections treatment?

Wrinkle reducing injections is a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkles causing muscles, creation a rejuvenation appearance. The active ingredient in Wrinkle reducing injections treatment is derived from bacteria in much the same way, antibiotics is derived from mould. It is manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions. Wrinkle reducing injections is a prescription only medicine and treatment is only available from a qualified medical professional.

How does Wrinkle reducing injections treatment work?

Wrinkle reducing injections can be used to relax specific facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles (the wrinkles that are formed during facial expression). Once the preventing undesirable facial expressions. Thus, the lines gradually smoothen and new lines are prevented from forming.

Will i still be able to make facial expression?

Although the results are visible, a treatment with Wrinkle reducing injections will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you’ve have work done.

What does Wrinkle reducing injections treatment involved?

Wrinkle reducing injections treatment is a non- surgical procedure whereby a small amount of Wrinkle reducing injections is administered into selected facial muscles by a trained doctor using a very fine needle. Generally, a Wrinkle reducing injections treatment takes around 10 minutes. Discomfort is typically minimal and brief, and an anaesthetic is usually not required; the injection may sting for a few seconds. Normal activities can be resumed soon after.

The dose recommended for the treatment will vary depending on your individual situation and the severity of your lines. Your doctor will know what the best dose is for you and which muscles to inject and give you the remarkable results.

How long does Wrinkle reducing injections treatment last ?

The effect can last up to 4 months before lines slowly begin to return. If you have repeat 3.4596 treatments, the effect tends to last longer.

Does Wrinkle reducing injections treatment cause more wrinkles to form ?

Wrinkle reducing injections will relax the facial muscles that cause expression lines. It prevents wrinkles from forming. If you choose not to have further Wrinkle reducing injections treatments your muscles will eventually return to normal activity and your wrinkles will gradually revert to their pre-treatment levels.

How quickly can I see a difference?

Within 3 days you may notice a softening in the appearance of your frown lines between your brows and it takes up to 7 days to see full results. The area will continue to improve for up to a month.

Can Wrinkle reducing injections treatment be combined with other products and procedures ?

Many people use a combination of cosmetic products and procedures with Wrinkle reducing injections. Your doctor will advise you as to whether or not you will receive better results with your Wrinkle reducing injections treatment if combined with other products and / or procedures.

Are there any side effects ?

In the amounts used for the treatment of facial lines, the side effects are usually temporary and localized to the area of the injection. Possible side effects include headaches, pain, burning/stinging, swelling or redness at the injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids / eyebrows, swollen, eyelids, skin tighting, tingling sensations, itching / aching forhead nausea and flu-like symptoms.

Will a treatment with Wrinkle reducing injections affect my skin color?

Men and women of varying ethnicities and skin types have been successfully treated with Wrinkle reducing injections. Because, it works only on the underlying muscles, there’s no concern of it affecting your skin color and texture.

How long has Wrinkle reducing injections been used ?

Wrinkle reducing injections treatment has a proven 20 year safety record and effective use in millions of patients worldwide.

Myth: Unnatural, frozen or expressionless face
Fact: If Wrinkle reducing injections is injected by a trained and experienced physician it leads to a very natural and satisfactory look.

Myth: Very Painful
Fact: Generally these procedures pain like a bee’s sting. It also depends upon individual’s threshold.

Myth: Not Safe
Fact: Wrinkle reducing injections is a U.S. FDA approved product and has been extensively researched with a well established safety profile. It is so safe that it can ever be injected to children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and that too in a very high dosage as compared to the dose used in cosmetic indications. Till date, more than 29 million patients worldwide have experienced and been benefited from Wrinkle reducing injections.

Myth: Habit Forming
Fact: It’s absolutely up to you if you want to go for a repeat treatment or not as after undergoing these procedures the skin comes to the baseline from where the treatment were given. The skin doesn’t worsen at all if you do not take these procedures again.

Myth: Very Expensive Procedures
Fact: These procedures are generally not very expensive and quite affordable if you compare the amount which is usually spent on facials, massages, & other superficial / surface remedies. The cost depends upon the area which you want to treat with these procedures which can be appropriately evaluated by a trained / experienced injector.

Myth: These procedures are only for Celebrities
Facts: Contrary to popular belief, these procedures are widely used by common people and only celebrites.

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