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Skinology news-busting acne myths

Busting Acne Myths

More often than not, when we are confronted with the dreaded acne, we are bombarded with several methods to treat them. But not all of them are effective. So, let’s demystify some of acne myths.

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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Things to Know Before Selecting Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

It appears like each couple of days there is an online appointment for laser hair removal. It just appears somewhat wild, the quantity of appointment for this administration and insane low costs by Laser Hair Removal in Delhi.

Here are the tips for selecting Laser Hair Removal in Delhi:
According to the experts of laser hair removal clinic, this treatment requires a progression of medications. Everybody is somewhat diverse, so there is reach in the quantity of medications required and it is likely, even with a specialist of Laser Hair Removal that you may need to return for touch ups. Check, confirm and than select an expert from Laser Hair Removal clinic. Ensure there is a specialist on location for emergency and Laser Hair Removal in Delhi evaluated your treatment history. A talented restorative expert needs to take a look at your solution, history of different issue (i.e. thyroid) to ensure you have a successful and healthy treatment. Be careful, numerous clinics just utilize a specialist in the move of a ‘Medicinal Director,’ permitting them to buy the equipment. However, they don’t necessarily checkout the treatment or review treatment history.
If you are a blonde or red head (regular), the clinic should give information you if the medications don’t function. Because of absence of melanin in the hair folace it turns out to be even more upkeep than a long lasting treatment. In this way, they don’t recommend it.
Clean environment:
How about we call attention to the self-evident, the laser is going from your reproductive organs to your face!!! Best Laser Hair Removal centre should have grade wipes in the treatment rooms and used to wipe everything down.
Ice packs:
Experts of best laser hair removal centre ought to be utilizing ice packs before the treatment to chill off the zone going to be dealt with, which takes into account a more agreeable This message was edited treatment and desensitizes the range. This eliminates the swelling and pain.
Laser Intensity:
A few spots bring down the vitality on the laser, which may give a less excruciating treatment, be that as it may, it will oblige you to come in all the more regularly.
So you have to believe the professionals of laser hair removal clinic in Delhi and realize that they utilizing a setting that is proper for your skin type (hair follicle). This is the reason a proposal may be better approach to pick a laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, than an irregular online coupon.

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Common Face Skin Problems

Common Face Skin Problems

Face skin problems can happen at any age and influence a wide assortment of various individuals. Skin break out, age spots, acne, substantial pores, and wrinkles are the most well-known Face skin problems however there are other facial conditions that can be bothersome.
Sometimes changes in your skin happen all of a sudden, yet different issues can create over long period of time.
Great and healthy skin practices can avert numerous face skin problems, and should begin at a very early age. As you age, a great skin health management regimen will permit you to keep up firm, smooth, and solid skin. Maturing and sun presentation take a toll on your skin’s appearance. Some face skin issues are the aftereffect of hereditary qualities, infections, or diseases. More genuine face skin issues should be dealt with by a dermatologist, yet a few blemishes can be dealt with successfully at home.
Here is a list of some common face skin problems:
A standout amongst the most widely recognized face skin problems for young people is acne, an alarming skin condition that can influence certainty and self-regard. Despite the fact that acne is not unsafe to well being and will more often than not leave after time, moderate to extreme skin inflammation can leave scars.
Hyper pigmentation alludes to earthy patches that show up on the skin as a consequence of skin inflammation. The condition can be compounded either sun harm or hereditary qualities. These patches look like substantial spots and typically show up on the face, neck, hands, feet or legs. Despite the fact that they are not harmful, numerous individuals wish to have these face skin problem uprooted for restorative reasons.
Substantial Pores
Pores are the little openings in the surface of the skin through which saturating oils are discharged. At the point when pores on the face are sufficiently vast to be noticeable, they can bring about dissatisfaction and also face skin issues. To some degree, pore size is genetic, yet pores additionally seem bigger when they contain caught oil and skin cells.
Described by facial redness and swelling, rosacea is a face skin problem that can show up at any age. Rosacea for the most part grows gradually at to start with, seeming occasionally as a facial flush. The condition exacerbates after some time and seldom determines all alone.

A scar is a territory of skin that is alternate shading or composition from encompassing skin those outcomes after harm recuperates. Although most scars blur after some time, certain sorts and those that happen in detectable ranges might stay evident for a lifetime. Scars are restorative face skin issues that don’t require therapeutic treatment; however their vicinity can be baffling.
Dark Circles
Obscured skin underneath the eyes is a typical face skin problem brought about by components, for example, heredity, absence of rest, hypersensitivities, eating regimen, and sun introduction.
Wrinkles and lines on the skin are among the most widely recognized face skin problem for ladies and men as they age. Lines and wrinkles show up where skin actually overlays and wrinkles, turning out to be more perpetual over the long haul. Sun introduction, smoking, and great eating less carbs can rush this impact, making skin look more seasoned than it is.
A restorative dermatologist can recommend proficient healthy skin and perform a wide assortment of extremely compelling methodology to smooth and revive skin.
If you see signs that your acne is leaving a scar on your skin, you don’t have to grin and bear it. There are lots of ways to heal your scars and keep new ones from forming. Contact Skinology experts to heal your acne and acne scars.

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114 Tobacco-Related Deaths Every Hour In India


Did you know Tobacco kills around 6 million people each year globally. More than 5 million of those deaths are because of direct tobacco use while more than 600,000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

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What is the Most Effective Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Hair thinning and loss of hair is very common in today’s lifestyle. Excessive stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, a poor diet can be listed as the major environmental culprits but genetics too plays an important role in premature hair loss. There are plenty of hair growth products that promise results but very few work.

Here are some effective hair re-growth treatments that have been proven to be successful.

  • Androgen Inhibitors- If you are affected by male hormone, it will cause your hair follicles to become smaller until they have shrunk to the point they can’t grow any hair. Androgen Inhibitors reduces the effects of DHT up to 70% and even causes hair to grow back. It can take from 3 months up to a year for it to show any results. This has been often referred as the best hair loss treatment available with little to no side effects.
  • Minoxidil- Minoxidil was originally a remedy to treat high blood pressure, but several users reported its hair growth effects, it was then manufactured as a topical medication for hair loss. Minoxidil works by stimulating the hair follicles by enlarging the blood vessels which causes more nutrients and oxygen to flow into the follicle leading to hair growth. Users can notice significant growth from 2 to 3 months of using Minoxidil.
  • Prostaglandin analogs- These are relatively new options which are currently being examined of their hair growth potentials. These are mainly used as eyelash enhancements now but scientists are hopeful that they soon can be treated for hair loss.
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skinlogy post-science of beauty tips

Get Smoothest Skin in Summer with Hair Removal Treatment from Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi

Unattractive and unwanted hair on your body is one of the main thing to concern about in summer. Waxing and shaving can be the best short term options, but for long term laser hair removal treatment is the right option. This treatment is less painful and also long lasting in comparison to other hair removal method. If you are too busy and don’t have enough time shaving and waxing every week, then laser hair removal can be the best solution. It is also a cost effective, low maintenance and gentle hair removal solution.

Skinology Clinic is one of Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi, being under the ideal leadership of top dermatologist Dr. Nivedita Dadu. With an appreciative initial analysis and a proficient and caring perspective to skin care, you can assign your laser hair removal treatment session to Skinology Clinic.

Skinology Clinic: Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi not only offer you with persistent smooth and hair free skin, it can also help to stop painful undeveloped hairs in both men and women. Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi uses lasers – an intensive light source – to target the hair follicle at the root for hair removal and stop hair redevelopment. While hair grows in cycles, and each new hair follicle requires to be targeted individually, with just 4 to 6 appointments you can get smooth skin without any painful procedure. Laser hair removal treatment can target all areas of the body, from the face, underarms to bikini area and legs, wherever unwanted hair grows.

For a completely smooth and glowing skin in this summer, Skinology has everything you require to achieve the absolute level of beauty and skin health. revitalize your skin with a peel, laser skin treatment or a light based photo rejuvenation treatment, for spotless, bright skin. For really amazing results, try the inject able that Skinology has to provide, including anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers for a fuller and younger looking face.

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Natural Cure For Pigmentation On Face

Direct and continuous exposure to sun and unfavorably susceptible conditions can bring about pigmentation. Heredity also assumes as an awesome part in choosing whether you are vulnerable to pigmentation on skin. Accordingly, if your mom and grandma had pigmentation of skin, it is probably that you too would be confronted with the condition. The best solution for this problem is natural home remedies. Indeed, even a heredity activated condition can be significantly decreased by the utilization of natural cures.

Here is a list of Natural remedies for Pigmentation on Face:

  • Potato:

Potatoes are a great source of starch as well as keep a large group of skin pigmentation issues like melasma, dark circles, hyper and hypopigmentation. For utilizing potatoes for pigmentation of skin, cut one medium estimated potato into two and put a couple drops of water on the surface. Rub it on the pigmented region so that the juice of potato follows up on the skin. If you have additional time close by, mesh the potatoes and press the juice out of it. Apply on the age spots and abandon it on for 60 minutes. Flush with warm water. Doing this for a month will give you detectable contrast in your pigmented skin.

  • Lemon And Cucumber

Two magnificent skin, helping agents when assembled can most likely work great. The cool touch of cucumber and the helping activity of lemon make you feel great, if you give it enough significance and apply it consistently. Apply each day in the morning and evening and abandon it on for 20 minute

If you don’t have both these helping operators, don’t stress. They can make great results when connected all alone too. Lemon is a characteristic dye and cucumber is utilized for dark circles which too is a type of pigmentation on face.

  • Papaya

If you have a papaya tree in your home, you are in good fortune. Grate the papaya and remove the juice out of it. Apply on the pigmented skin and hold up quietly, presumably for a month till you can see stunning results. The catalyst papain in papaya is utilized for skin shedding. Recovery of new skin cells, each time you do a crude papaya treatment will evacuate the pigmented layers of skin each time you do a peeling and lessen lastly uproot the pigmented mark.

  • Almond And Milk

Dryness can also cause pigmentation on face. For this, uprooting the dryness of the skin is crucial in evacuating pigmentation. Almond has regular unsaturated fats and supplements that can exceptionally well saturate the skin and support it, evacuating any hints of pigmentation on the skin. The common saturating oil in milk also can viably battle dryness of skin. Milk is additionally a skin lightening agent. For utilizing milk and almonds, douse almonds overnight. Evacuate the cover and make paste with milk cream. Apply to the pigmented area. Almonds help in banishing dull pigmentation on the skin.

  • Guava And Banana

The lycopene content in guava has made it an incredible home remedy for treating obscuring of skin because of the presentation to the sun and dim pigmentation. The banana sheds the skin and helps pigmented territories. Blend the mash of guava and banana and apply on the face. Wash off following 15-20 minutes. Doing this consistently will evacuate a wide range of pigmentation on the skin.

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punch elevation

Dealing With Acne

You can use cosmetics to cover up some facial flaws, but if you have acne on your face, you cannot completely hide it. You may feel that you have no way to conceal your imperfections from a world that judges you based on your appearance. Severe acne can have a significant impact on social relationships and affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem in a way that leads to depression — particularly during the teenage period. Depression is very common in people with severe acne, who may feel especially self-conscious about their skin.

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Dealing with acne

Dr. Nivedita, The Hindu, 18 Feb 2016

You can use cosmetics to cover up some facial flaws, but if you have acne on your face, you cannot completely hide it. You may feel that you have no way to conceal your imperfections from a world that judges you based on your appearance. Severe acne can have a significant impact on social relationships and affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem in a way that leads to depression — particularly during the teenage period. Depression is very common in people with severe acne, who may feel especially self-conscious about their skin.

The world seems to judge you these days by your looks and dressing unlike in olden days when people would go with the person’s moral values to make friends.

Acne can lead to reluctance to establish relationships and develop social skills. Apart from social phobia, it can also lead to fear of being mocked by others and disabling shyness. Missed school or work, difficulty succeeding in careers due to lack of confidence, poor body image and self-esteem.

Some common myths about acne:

Washing Face every few hours

Some patients believe this and end up washing their face numerous times a day, sometimes scrubbing vigorously and using harsh astringents. But ultimately, this can lead to irritated, traumatised skin that looks worse after treatment.

Fact : Instead, wash your face only once or twice a day with lukewarm water, a mild cleanser and gentle motion – no scrubbing or harsh abrasive products needed. Make sure one of those times you’re washing your face is in the evening, to remove makeup and dirt.

Squeeze the pimple and it will go away

This is very wrong belief that patients have. Some patients will squeeze acne in an attempt to try to open up a clogged pore. However, this usually leads to further inflammation, which makes the acne look worse and last longer. Also this will leave a bad pigmented scar.

Fact: Instead don’t squeeze it and use Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid face wash with a balanced ph for acne patients. This will also shrink the acne eruption gradually.

Junk food causes acne

Many people with acne have oily skin. So for a time people thought that greasy foods should also be avoided. However, a number of studies have shown that downing foods like French fries, cheeseburgers and chocolate doesn’t have any impact at all on your skin’s health. But getting that grease on your skin can make an oily complexion worse, clogging pores and leading to an acne breakout.

Greasy foods may be off the hook but there could be other diet culprits behind your acne breakouts.

On the other hand, milk consumption has been associated with an increased risk of acne. Other studies have shown that a low glycemic index diet that is high in fibre and fruits and vegetables is beneficial for acne.

Fact: So, if someone is suffering from acne, avoiding milk or sticking to a low glycemic index diet may actually be helpful.

Treatments available for acne:

While mild cases of acne can usually be treated with over the counter medications, more severe cases may require the expertise of a dermatologist who can recommend prescription drugs.

The medications one uses for acne depend on type and severity.

Acne treatment may involve combinations of different kinds of medication. Some remove the dead skin and oils that clog pores and create acne, while other types of acne treatment target the formation of cysts typical of severe acne. Still other acne treatment works by attacking overgrowths of Propionibacterium acnes, a type of bacteria that occurs naturally on your skin but can cause acne when its growth is uncontrolled.

Antibiotics, Retinoid, chemical peels, lasers, hormone therapy and Home Care Regime to treat acne patients. We overcome the bacterial resistance by using combination treatments and our patients are getting optimum results.


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Skinology Tips

Try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub the pimples. Although it might be tempting to do this, it can lead to skin infections and scarring. Also, avoid touching your face with your hands or fingers. Changing your daily habits can go a long way in improving your complexion.

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