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Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin Tightening Treatment in Delhi

The loosening of skin is caused due to lack of collagen and elastin fibres within the lower layers of skin. Skin loosening or skin sagging makes you look older by causing wrinkles and fine lines. This can happen as you age or when you lose excess weight. The skin tightening treatments in dermatology are very effective on the facial skin, neck, arms etc. There are various techniques which lift your skin to its original place and give you a soft & supple skin again.

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, which works on the deeper layers of skin while protecting the top layer of skin. By deeper layers we mean dermis and foundation layer which augment skin loosening because of structural decline. The use of thermal heat improves the production of collagen, therefore regenerates a healthy skin for you. Being a non-invasive treatment, HIFU works best to eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines. Skin lifting makes your face look younger with brighter skin and larger eyes. The results are long lasting if you follow the instructions from your dermatologist and can last up to 2 years.

Thermage is also known as non-surgical face lift which improves the production of collagen within the deeper layers of skin and improves the texture of your skin. It helps you reduce wrinkles, jowls and skin sagging. It is a less time consuming, pain free and risk free procedure provides great results. However, the complete results take a few months to be visible.
For the most effective Dermalogica Spa Facial Services in Rajouri garden, West Delhi or for any queries related to it, please feel free to contact us at info@skinology.in

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